Investment process

Invest by following these simple steps

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Choose where to invest
Register for free and get to know the businesses selected for investment, evaluated with our Goldsmith Score ®. Send them your questions through the forum and schedule your meeting with the team.
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Reserve your investment
Indicate the amount to be invested and sign the disbursement agreement (you do not need to make the transfer yet).
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Make the disbursement
Deposit the money (it is held in an Adventureros custodian account and you can go back at any time until the final contracts are signed).
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Finish the investment
Sign the final contracts and Adventureros will transfer the money to the company.

Goldsmith Investment Methodology

Download for free the Goldsmith Investment Methodology PDF that we use to evaluate each project. Get to know the relevant points you need to boost your company or business.

Goldsmith Magazine

Be part of a network of top line investors and access to the best selection of businesses.

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